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Thank you for visiting Soultree. My name is Jesse and I have always held a deep rooted respect for the planet and all it provides for us.

Jesee with Balsa Wood Surfboard

I have been building and shaping balsawood surfboards for seven years now. Before that time I apprenticed under a legend, watching and learning the techniques he had spent most of his life perfecting.

The design of each Soultree surfboard is a collaboration of decades of our combined experience meshed with master craftsman wood working skills that I’ve honed throughout my life as a professional carpenter and fine woodworker.

Jesse Raymond Signature

At Soultree we are committed to riding and innovating performance balsawood surfboards. I am proud to offer the finest quality surfboards for you to enjoy. -Jesse

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Custom Orders

Custom orders can be tailored to fit the individual’s height, weight, ability, and desired surf conditions.

Custom Swirl Board

We shape all types of boards, from the smaller Shortboards, Fish and Egg models all the way up to the long boards and Hurricainne Guns. We also specialize in hybrids that live between the categories.

Coating a board with care

Also available are stand up paddle boards that come complete with a custom paddle to match. A non-refundable deposit is required for custom orders and prices vary by order. Contact us for further information and pricing on custom surfboards.

Jesse Raymond shaping a Soultree board