Soultree hails from the beaches and mountains of New York state. We represent from the wild
windswept coast of far eastern Long Island, across the urban jungle of New York City and
down through the Garden State and idyllic sands of the Jersey Shore. Soultree surfaced in an
area heavily influenced by the world’s most culturally diverse and creatively charged city. This
energy is instilled into our boards and out through our global mentality. It’s not uncommon to be
out in the line up and hear 5 different languages being spoken.

Surf waves like these with ease using Soultree boards

We surf year round. You can find us surfing in the warm gulf stream heated waters of summer, all
the way through to the frigid waters of the Northeast’s Atlantic winters. Our surfboards are exposed to extremes of the elements and are built to last.



Soultree surfboard designs are the result of decades of refinement of surfboard shapes, rockers,
and foils. At Soultree we are constantly experimenting with new shapes and pushing the limits of
balsawood surfboard performance.

Soultree surfboard fin side


Soultree surfboard shapes are a fusion of modern & classic design progression. Our constant
evolution in design combined with premium materials and master craftsmanship are the
foundation of each and every Soultree surfboard.


Soultree surfboards are made to surf and built to last. Functional and beautiful, both in the
ocean or hanging in a board room.



Soultree surfboards are constructed of Premium Ecuadorian Balsawood. Our balsa wood is
grown and hand selected for its light weight yet incredibly strong characteristics.


Our balsawood surfboards are custom built and hand-shaped. We utilize a hollow chambered
design similar to that of an airplane wing.

Hollow chambered surfboard construction

Master Craftsmanship

The skills and techniques used to build a Soultree Surfboard are a result of decades of
experience as a carpenter, furniture builder and wood sculptor.


Why Balsa

Balsa wood is a fast growth wood that is easily replenished. Each board is about 2 trees, which
occupies less forest space then that of your average bathroom. Balsa wood is recognized for
being one of the lightest and strongest building materials on the planet.

Balsa tree grove in Ecuador

Green Philosophy

Soultree believes in using natural materials that have minimal negative environmental impact.
From harvest to the final product we are constantly striving to increase our efficiency in
production to minimize the amount of waste wood. Also in 2012, Soultree will be planting hundreds of new balsa trees in Ecuador to replenish from the groves that we harvest.
Young balsa tree